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Bed bugs are little pests that should not be allowed to stay in your Albany home for a very long time. They are quick to multiply and spread, and they are dangerous as well. What starts out as a single home infestation can spread across the neighborhood, meaning removal of bed bugs should be a priority once you see one or see the signs of an infestation.

Bed Bug Exterminator – Local Bed Bug Control Service in Albany NY

Bed bugs are not just any kind of pest, they are also parasites. This means bed bugs feed on the blood of other living things, including humans and pets. Leaving the infestation unchecked puts you and your family at risk since bites from bed bugs can also cause irritation, rashes and allergies, on top of itchiness. Even worse, these parasites can also spread viruses and diseases.

If you want to keep yourself, your family and everyone else safe from bed bugs, contact us today and we will get to work immediately. Take back your home from these dangerous parasites and never worry about itchiness or waking up with bite marks ever again.


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We know how disruptive ants can be, especially when they invade your living area. You can’t even sit on the couch or sleep in your bed without feeling them climbing on your skin or biting you, which can cause irritation, rashes and even trigger an allergic reaction. An ant infestation by the wood-eating variety is even more dangerous because if they munch on a wooden support beam, a section of your house can collapse and possibly injure you or someone else.


It is time to reclaim your home with our ant exterminator. This professional will use pesticides, mats, traps, baits and other techniques and solutions to thin out their numbers until no ant is left. The ant exterminator will go as far as killing all the queens (if they happen to be more than one) so that they don’t repopulate (ants can reclaim their numbers very quickly).

Albany Bed Bug Exterminators Service

Bed Bug Removal 

Signs of a bed bug infestation in your home include getting up with tiny bites on your arms, legs and other parts of your body, especially in the morning when you wake up, and feeling itchy all over after sitting in a chair or on your bed. The bad part is that they are not only found in living areas, they can even be found in your clothes and luggage, meaning you can carry them with you to other people’s homes. This makes bed bug removal extremely important, and that is why you must contact us to get rid of these pests.

Bed bugs can also be an embarrassing problem since they will climb on your guest. And once the guests leave, they might carry them back with them, where they can infest their home as well. This is not a good look for you, hence the need for effective bed bug removal by a Albany Pest Control Pros bed bug exterminator.


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